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How It's Made - Salamanders Armor

Welcome to another installment of How It’s Made. I painted this Forgeworld Sicaran Battle Tank in a Salamanders Green scheme - and these instructions contain the steps to reproduce the iconic green armor plating.

I did all of the armor with my air brush, blending layers on to ensure a smooth transition. The key is making sure as you blend, you leave some of the darker shades in the recesses and corners, and as you add brighter colors, you move closer to the center of the panel. Slowly adding more green through air brush blending lets that brighter shade really start to show through, letting parts of the panels look weathered and darker.

I painted this entirely with ProAcryl paints. At the bottom of the page are links to Monument Guides, as well as a link to their store and my discount code to get the paints for yourself. Step 1: I primed the entire model with Pro Acryl's black primer. Step 2: Base Coat the model with Burnt Sienna

Step 3: Apply a blend with Black Green, leaving some of the burnt sienna to show through in the shadows and deep recesses.

Step 4: Add a little bit of Green to the Black Green remaining in the airbrush pot, and blend, leaving some of the original Black Green in the outer most edges.

Step 5: Add more Green to the Air brush pot (without emptying it out), and continue to blend further.

Step 6: Blend with only Green in the areas of the armor plating you want to show as the brightest.

Step 7(Optional): Add in some silver chips to give a better weathering effect with some Pro Acryl Silver, using a piece of foam or sponge, and you have a battle worn tank!

For Monument Hobbies paints and more and Use Code - 'Gamerdad' for a discount at checkout! Also, check out their Facebook page for additional Pro Acryl recipes

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